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Pick N' Play Your Bridal Songs and Wedding Music

Find a song or listen to an entire category.  Enable pop-ups if our built in music player doesn't appear. Music is licensed for playback on this site.  These lists aren't intended to include every song, but if we've overlooked a great song please let us know.  E-mail:

Top Wedding Event Music Catergories!

Ceremony Music:               Eras:
        Prelude                                                                         Vocal & Standards
   Processional                                                                 Motown & Soul

Fifties (50's)                      Sixies (60's) 
  Cocktail & Dinner Music                                                Cocktail & Dinner Music
          Slow Music                                                                    Slow Music 
        Dance Music                                                                  Dance Music


Seventies (70's)             Eighties (80's)
      Cocktail & Dinner Music                                          Cocktail & Dinner Music
               SlowMusic                                                                SlowMusic
             Dance Music                                                             Dance Music




Nineties (90's)              Sounds of Now
    Cocktail & Dinner Music                                          Cocktail & Dinner Music
              SlowMusic                                                               SlowMusic
             Dance Music                                                             Dance Music

Country Music
       Cocktail & Dinner Music 
                 Dance Music           

Music on the Premier Wedding Vendors site is licensed with BMI & ASCAP for private playback by our users.  Publicly broadcasting is illegal & strictly forbidden.

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